Find yourself stuck, not moving forward with your dreams?

Break free of limiting patterns and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your goals, so you can start living your life
by design, rather than by default.

Marnie uses proven processes that help her clients identify and release emotional and mental blocks at their root, by accessing the power of their unconscious mind so they can move untethered in the direction of their dreams. Accountable for their reality, her clients feel empowered and excited to create their future.


What Others Are Saying...

For years I felt sad, anxious and fearful, after an abusive marriage. With coaching, I was able to feel safe and finally feel that I can move on with my life! And I loved that I was able to release the emotions and limiting beliefs from my past without having to re-hash the details of all the pain and shame I'd experienced. I feel so much lighter and freer, in such a short time, I just wish I'd known about this work earlier. After my second session working with Marnie, I found myself singing out loud in a public place just like a little kid - with zero inhibition!

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